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Tranquility is the keyword what you get in Gokulam located in isolation but not from nature and its gifts one gets panoramic views of the calm backwaters of Kerala its vivid, vibrant colours and breathtaking surprises. The tiny evergreen island where Gokulam is located was meant for the Royalty and remains to be so for all the guests who arrives here.

Gokulam has legendary origins; in a way local legends connect the family's connections to the famous Mancombu Temple. It was once a Courthouse of The British during the 19th Century.The craft is on its way to take you to the true paradise.

The present generation has followed the traditions that had been followed for centuries. Guests feel the motherly warmth of the mother of the present scion of the family. The eco friendly experience and moonlight dinner culminates in true enchantment. The cuisine is delicious and suits any palate.

A view from the boarding area to Gokulam throngs with locals who are very amicable to the guests and treat them as their own guests. Calmness and serenity is the order of the day and the soothing greenery is a treat for the eyes. At twilight hour's houseboats moor nearby.Due to the location constraints provisions and other needs arrive at Gokulam's doorsteps in these small ferries.

gokulam Specialities

The boatman is a call away for a soothing trip through the narrow creeks that surround Gokulam. The tree house also serves as a light house with a hurricane lamp at nights for passing country craft. A well-stocked library provides voracious readers with books to read, the guests to read in silitude often use the tree house.

This is the paradise that welcomes you into for a holiday filled with calm, serene surroundings and tantalizing auras that can be molded to suit each and every person's individual desires. If India is an example of diversity, then Kerela is the master, bearing peace-loving people living united in diversity.

gokulam Specialities
gokulam Specialities

The diverse physiographical settings that revolutionize themselves every hour are a mind numbing experience, running from the beaches to the valleys, from the call of the mountains to the whispering woods, from the serene backwaters to the cries of nature.Maybe it was the allure of the spices or the magnetism of the land that attracted fortune seekers, traders and adventure travelers to our shores.

One gets to see visuals of such ferrys from Gokulam. These visual treats are a tip of the iceberg when one stays with us. Gokulam believes in underpromising and overdelivering.On this island, in our tradition Kerela home, we touch lives in natural ways just as nature meanders at its own pace along with large-scale marine bounty, houseboat cruises and holiday packages.